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The Music Castle is a music education and resource centre that offers bespoke music courses, tutoring services for a wide variety of musical disciplines. We are a team of professionals in different fields (Performers, Music Teachers and Educators, Instrumentalists and Composers),  offering a wholesome variety of musical skill sets to our pupils. Our focus is to provide linear and progressive courses to engage, build core musicianship skills. Our teachers care about innovation and making music applicable to each student. We nurture the discipline, which comes from regular practice, and love  for our students to showcase their successes. We pride ourselves in having the best teachers, with years of experience and expertise in their instrument. As well as that,  we are proud of our pupils, as everyone achieves incredible results in their ABRSM examinations, at a 100% pass rate.


Three Steps to Beginning your Musical Journey

Step One

Try our 7 Day Beginner Course on your chosen instrument.

Step Two

If you have enjoyed your 7 Day Beginner Course, Book a  free Zoom Consultation with us. If you are not a beginner, you can still call us and have a consultation.

Step Three

Book your lessons with us. If you are local, you may book live 1-1 lessons with our teachers. We offer online zoom 1-1 lessons, local lessons (depending on your location), and group lessons!

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Once you have bought your course, you will obtain access to your personal dashboard, from which you can access your courses anywhere and at anytime!

100% Pass Rate in ABRSM Exams

Satisfied Students

Years of Experience

Qualified Teachers

Dzvina Stepanyak

Dzvina Stepanyak

BMus, PGCE and DipABRSM in Piano Performance. Trained as a Secondary Music Teacher at the University of Cambridge.


“I have always been an advocate for promoting musical experiences to all ages. Trained as a classical pianist, I wanted to share my experiences in music and trained to be a teacher at secondary school. In schools, statistically, numbers of music students are rapidly decreasing, and I felt that there was not enough musical outreach. My mission is to expose more young people to great music, and make music learning an enjoyable journey. Music Education should not be mundane, and only theoretical, but also practical. Therefore, as an educator at ‘The Music Castle’, I endeavored to create practical and easy to use resources. I sincerely hope you will enjoy music once you have had your first trial!”

Yumi Ishitani

Yumi Ishitani

BMus. Graduate of Goldsmiths University of London. Vocal, Piano Teacher, and Manager.

Yumi had been trained classically in Japan and received her training from acclaimed Opera singers, such as Misato Iwamori. She had worked together with Dzvina to establish a Music School, which brought great success by developing new programmes of study. She now teaches at her home studio and has an impressive flow of students, adults and children, who achieve outstanding results in their ABRSM examinations and is working as a private tutoring consultant. After relocating to Beckenham, she co founded ‘The Music Castle’ (TMC), as many students in the area expressed interest in music classes.  Yumi frequently hosts recitals and loves to involve all her students and fellow performers in South London.



Fluffy Assistant

 Elmo has been musical ever since we got him. He’s a big fan of relaxing to the classics, and especially loves listening studio Ghibli pieces played on the piano. While he is a dog, he is very loving and a therapeutic friend  who teaches us one important lesson- how to enjoy the little things in life, and especially music!

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Online Courses

The following Courses are pre-recorded and feature chronological videos in progressive order to help you successfully practice your instrument. All you need is to access your video whenever you are practicing alone, and follow the steps slowly. Just Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward to go over your required moments!


Bonus:  You may request a free consultation via zoom with a teacher to help you in the next steps.

7 Day Beginner Course

 Only £1 per lesson- Just pick your instrument, and have a go!



7 Day Introduction Course for your chosen instrument


Technique Building Exercises/ How to read music.


Mastering Pieces


Free Consultation with a tutor via Zoom

ABRSM Online Piano Course

Simply pick your grade, and you will have access to all the practice videos for your set pieces, scales, sight reading and the aural tests.

From £19.99


Prep Test and Grades 1-8


All Pieces from List A, B and C


All Scales


Sight Reading Drills


Aural Tests


Mock test consultation to help you pass and build exam confidence

ABRSM Online Music Theory

Offering Grades 1-5 practice courses to help you with every topic for your ABRSM Music Theory.

From £29


All topics covered for your grade


Mock Papers are available


Theory Quizes